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213405 Decision Notice CLE05/11/2021Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report8615091
213405 Signed Officer Report Draft Decision Notice05/11/2021Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report8615082
213405 Signed Officer Report CLE27/10/2021Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report8615073
213405 40298 Drawings12/10/2021Planning Statements and Reports8568624
213405 Application Ref 40298 Decision Notice12/10/2021Planning Statements and Reports8568635
213405 Block Plan12/10/2021Planning Plans8568596
213405 CIL Form12/10/2021Planning CIL Form8568647
213405 Floor Plan and Elevations 12/10/2021Planning Statements and Reports8568608
213405 History Card 12/10/2021Planning Statements and Reports8568619
213405 Location Plan12/10/2021Planning Plans85685810
213405 REDACTED_ Application Form12/10/2021Planning Application Form Redacted85686511

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