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190630 Decision Notice09/05/2019Planning Work Documents4594971
190630 Officer Report Draft Decision Notice08/05/2019Planning Work Documents4594962
190630 Highway response07/05/2019Planning Consultation Response4607523
190630 Officer Report Short07/05/2019Planning Work Documents4594984
190630 Revised Plan - Drawing Number WD/19/4 received 17.04.1907/05/2019Planning Submission4594145
190630 Revised Plan showing Existing and Proposed Boundary Wall fronting Mustard Lane - WD/18/1A - received 17.04.1907/05/2019Planning Submission4594136
190630 Tree & Landscape consultation response 107/05/2019Planning Consultation Response4595017
190630 Tree & Landscape consultation response 207/05/2019Planning Consultation Response4595028
190630 Revised Location plan and Block Plan - BP/18/1B - received 02.05.1902/05/2019Planning Submission4593389
190630 Revised North west existing and proposed wall elevations - WD/18/2B - received 02.05.1902/05/2019Planning Submission45933710
190630 highways response 223/04/2019Planning Consultation Response45950011
190630 Comments_SonningParishCouncil_190630_3883336.pdf05/04/2019Planning Comments45609012
190630 highways response26/03/2019Planning Consultation Response45949913
190630 Application Form REDACTED07/03/2019Planning Submission45303914
190630 CIL Form07/03/2019Planning Submission45303615
190630 Cover Letter REDACTED07/03/2019Planning Submission45303716
190630 Location & Block Plan, Existing & Proposed Elevation, Existing Ground Floor07/03/2019Planning Submission45303817
190630 Proposed Floor Plan, Proposed & Existing Elevations07/03/2019Planning Submission45303518

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