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210378 Committee Report10/06/2021Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report8324611
210378 Decision Notice10/06/2021Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report8324562
210378 Officer Report Draft Decision Notice10/06/2021Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report8324623
210378 WBC Drainage Response20/04/2021Planning Consultation Response8324584
210378 Proposed Refuse Store Plans and Elevations 0007 P216/04/2021Planning Plans7018655
210378 WBC Landscape and Trees Response 2 15/04/2021Planning Consultation Response8324646
210378 Landscape Comemnts - BC13/04/2021Planning Consultation Response8324637
210378 Proposed Landscape Plan PL0004 Rev P213/04/2021Planning Plans7013108
210378 Berkshire Archaeology response23/03/2021Planning Consultation Response8324599
210378 highways response15/03/2021Planning Consultation Response83246010
210378 Environmental Health response11/03/2021Planning Consultation Response83245711
210378 Building 4 - External Proposed Presentation and Staff Amenity Layout Plan 109a10/03/2021Planning Plans69336912
210378 Proposed External Workout Space and Bin Store Site Layout Plan 10610/03/2021Planning Plans69337413
210378 CIL Form22/02/2021Planning CIL Form68960614
210378 Existing Landscape Plan PL000322/02/2021Planning Plans68961015
210378 Location and Site Plan PL000622/02/2021Planning Plans68960816
210378 Buildings 4 and 5 TVP Covering Letter04/02/2021Planning Statements and Reports67269617
210378 Design and Access Statement04/02/2021Planning Statements and Reports67269518
210378 Planning Statement04/02/2021Planning Statements and Reports67269419
210378 Redacted Application Form04/02/2021Planning Application Form Redacted67270120

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