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191540 Decision Notice01/08/2019Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report4787331
191540 Signed Officer Report Draft Decision Notice01/08/2019Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report4787292
191540 Comments_SonningParishCouncil_191540_3929064.pdf31/07/2019Planning Comments4784813
191540 Signed Officer Report Short31/07/2019Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report4787314
191540 T & L Comments29/07/2019Planning Consultation Response4787305
191540 highways response12/07/2019Planning Consultation Response4787326
191540 Approved-Block Plan09/07/2019Planning Revised Plans4705737
191540 HM Registry Location Plan09/07/2019Planning Revised Plans4705728
191540 Approved-Location Plan02/07/2019Planning Revised Plans4691119
191540 ApplicationFormNoPersonalDatapdf10/06/2019Planning Submission47057410
191540 Approved-Existing and Proposed Plans and Elevations10/06/2019Planning Submission47057511
191540 CIL Form10/06/2019Planning Submission47057612

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