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190606 Decision Notice11/07/2019Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report4710141
190606 Signed Officer Report Draft Decision Notice10/07/2019Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report4710152
190606 Ecology comments 01/07/2019Planning Consultation Response4710223
190606 Further Bat Surevey Report. Received. 01/07/1901/07/2019Planning Statements and Reports4689374
190606 Signed Officer's Report01/07/2019Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report4710215
190606 Flooding & Drainage comments 25/06/2019Planning Consultation Response4710206
190606 Tree and Landscape Officer comments 20/06/1920/06/2019Planning Consultation Response4710167
190606 Further Bat Survey Report Received. 28/05/1928/05/2019Planning Submission4623678
190606 Revised Landscape Proposal and Tree Protection Plan. Received. 28/05/1928/05/2019Planning Submission4623649
190606 Ecology Officer comments 09/05/1910/05/2019Planning Consultation Response47101910
190606 Environmental Health Consultation Response29/04/2019Planning Consultation Response45857711
190606 Comments_SonningParishCouncil_190606_3887993.pdf18/04/2019Planning Comments45790612
190606 Comments_DavidBeilby_190606_3886930.pdf17/04/2019Planning Comments45760313
190606 T & L Comments17/04/2019Planning Consultation Response47101714
190606 Comments_DavidBeilby_190606_3886499.pdf16/04/2019Planning Comments45743115
190606 highways response04/04/2019Planning Consultation Response47101816
190606 Bat Survey28/03/2019Planning Submission45481217
190606 Block Plan Rev E20/03/2019Planning Submission45481318
190606 15523L01 Rev A Location Planpdf01/03/2019Planning Submission45482319
190606 15523P01 rev I Proposed Site Layout 01/03/2019Planning Submission45481720
190606 15523P02 rev J Proposed Ground Floor01/03/2019Planning Submission45481821
190606 15523P03 rev F Proposed Roof Planpd01/03/2019Planning Submission45481922
190606 15523P04 rev I Proposed Elevationsp01/03/2019Planning Submission45482023
190606 15523P05 rev A Proposed Cycle and Refu01/03/2019Planning Submission45482124
190606 3001 P1 External Lghtingpdf01/03/2019Planning Submission45482225

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