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180442 Plans19/02/2020Planning Plans5637721
180442 180442or Officer Report 115/05/2018Planning Work Documents1945742
180442 180442DN14/05/2018Planning Work Documents1945733
180442 180442dn OR and Draft DN signed14/05/2018Planning Work Documents1945724
180442 180442rc Parish Sonning21/03/2018Planning Consultation Response1632775
180442 180442cm Sonn.Sonn.Eye12/03/2018Planning Consultation Response1632666
180442 180442ot DESIGN & ACCESS STATEMENT - ST ANDREWS FEB 1821/02/2018Planning Submission1632687
180442 180442ot Statement of Community Involvement St Andrews Church Paths21/02/2018Planning Submission1632718
180442 180442ot Wentworth Gates Proposal St Andrews Church21/02/2018Planning Submission1632729
180442 180442pl LOCATION PLAN - RED OUTLINE - FEB 1821/02/2018Planning Submission16327310
180442 180442pl St-Andrew_s-Church_-Thames-Street_-Sonning_-RG4-6UR BLOCK PLAN 221/02/2018Planning Submission16327611
180442 180442fm ApplicationForm15/02/2018Planning Submission16326712
180442 180442ot LANDSCAPING DETAILS15/02/2018Planning Submission16326913
180442 180442ot Planning Statement for St Andrews New Gates Feb 1815/02/2018Planning Submission16327014
180442 180442pl NEW GATES LOCATION15/02/2018Planning Submission16327415
180442 180442pl parking provision st andrews15/02/2018Planning Submission16327516

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