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192325 10005_1601_P6 Drainage Strategy27/04/2022Planning Plans8912821
192325 Flood Risk Assessment Addendum April 202227/04/2022Planning Statements and Reports8912812
192325 09 March 2022 Supplementary Planning Agenda10/03/2022Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report8828863
192325 09 March 2022 Planning Agenda extract 192325 Land South East of Finchampstead Road, South Wokingham SDL with cross-references08/03/2022Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report8824214
192325 09 March 2022 Planning Committee Agenda frontsheets08/03/2022Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report8824205
192325 192325 Appropriate Assessment FINAL08/03/2022Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report8824186
192325 192325 Comments - Ms Petra Angel, Representation to Committee03/03/2022Planning Comments8815257
192325 2022_02_18 email from agent listing revised submissions24/02/2022Planning Statements and Reports8801568
192325 Design and Access Statement P18-2684_24H February 202224/02/2022Planning Statements and Reports8801759
192325 Green Infrastructure Strategy P18-2684_16E February 202224/02/2022Planning Statements and Reports88017810
192325 P18-2684_02F Site Location Plan24/02/2022Planning Plans88015911
192325 P18-2684_06W Provisional Layout24/02/2022Planning Plans88016012
192325 P18-2684_32E Illustrative Landscape Masterplan24/02/2022Planning Plans88016113
192325 P18-2684_40E Green Infrastructure Provision24/02/2022Planning Plans88016214
192325 P18-2684_43L Parameters Movement & Access24/02/2022Planning Plans88016715
192325 P18-2684_44E Parameters POS Typologies24/02/2022Planning Plans88016916
192325 Planning Statement P18-2684 Rev C February 202224/02/2022Planning Statements and Reports88017117
192325 Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) Landscape Management Plan P18-2684_31 Rev B February 202224/02/2022Planning Statements and Reports88017418
192325 Drainage Maintenance & Management Plan February 202208/02/2022Planning Statements and Reports87693919
192325 Flood Risk Assessment Addendum February 202208/02/2022Planning Statements and Reports87694020
192325 Flood Risk Assessment September 2019 Issue 4 January 202208/02/2022Planning Statements and Reports87694321
192325 Planning Statement P18-2684 Rev B February 2022 SUPERSEDED03/02/2022Planning Statements and Reports87550822
192325 192325 Wokingham Town Council consultation response 2022_02_0202/02/2022Planning Comments87543823
192325 Comments_FitzroyMorrissey_192325_4268138.pdf26/01/2022Planning Comments87440124
192325 Design and Access Statement P18-2684_24F January 2022 SUPERSEDED26/01/2022Planning Statements and Reports87440525

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