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212857 Built Heritage Officer20/10/2021Planning Consultation Response8587261
212857 Decision Notice Advert20/10/2021Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report8587282
212857 Officer Report Advertisement20/10/2021Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report8587253
212857 Officer Report Draft Decision Notice20/10/2021Planning Decision Notice & Officer Report8587244
212857 Highways Response 1 RJ15/09/2021Planning Consultation Response8587275
212857 Comments_HazelGuileWokinghamSociety_212857_4219140.pdf03/09/2021Planning Comments8501316
212857 Comments_MariaGee_212857_4216864.pdf26/08/2021Planning Comments8489577
212857 Existing and Proposed Elevations and Signage Details25/08/2021Planning Plans8486708
212857 Heritage Statement25/08/2021Planning Statements and Reports8486719
212857 Location Plan25/08/2021Planning Plans84866810
212857 Site Plan25/08/2021Planning Plans84866911
212857 Redacted Application Form21/08/2021Planning Application Form Redacted84791912

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